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Vintage Goddesses

If there is nothing on this page, or items listed are not in stock, it's because recently posted goddesses have sold. Don't worry, there will be more. You can follow Bell Pine Art Farm on Instagram, Facebook, or sign up for the Healing Messages newsletter at the bottom of this page for notifications of new pieces, stories, giveaways and special offers.

We've hand-made and sent out thousands of clay goddesses over the years. I like to think of them as a contribution to the hundreds of thousands of Divine Feminine clay figurines and art unearthed over the world from ancient civilizations. Several of these pieces have stayed behind in the studio rather than go out into the world for a variety of reasons, mostly because of the way they were fired. Because of this, they have unique qualities, different from the look and feel of our regular line. Vintage because they are twenty to thirty years old created in the 1980s and early 90s.

I hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I do. If you've followed this work for a long time maybe you even recognize them!