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About Us

Since 1986, artists Debbie Berrow and Reed Grossnicklaus have co-created Bell Pine Art Farm, producing Debbie’s intricate clay designs. Each figure is hand detailed and finished by Debbie and Reed along with a handful of local artists. Their rural Oregon home and studio are situated between the Cascade Mountains and the Oregon Coast Range on the edge of a small valley. Debbie’s work is inspired by nature and a desire to share what she knows about listening to, and trusting intuition. Her intimate sculptures come from this source and are made to invite play and interaction.

Bell Pine Art Farm provides meaningful art as tools for ceremony and gift giving. Practitioners of every faith apply this circle of sculpture in the healing and sacred arts. It has found its way onto personal alters, medicine circles, hospital programs, churches, sacred sites, and meditation retreats and is collected by people all over the world.