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Existing Wholesale Customers:

I'm no longer offering wholesale prices and terms. When logging in to an existing wholesale account you will see retail prices. This has been a gradual transition over a few years. Reed and I are making each sculpture by hand now without the crew of artists who used to work with us. I cherish all of you and thank you for spreading the love of the goddesses all these years. I hope we can stay connected! 

Regular Customers:

There have been no changes to regular accounts. If you have questions or would like assistance completing your order please send an email with your request.


I usually respond right away. If you don't hear back within 24 hours, send a text to 541-255-8512. Be sure and identify yourself.

After you order you will receive an order confirmation and receipt by email. If you donít see the email, check your "junk mail" folder.  You can add these email addresses to your contacts, to help assure our email will go to your inbox: debbie@bellpineartfarm.com, bpafinfo@bellpineartfarm.com, noreply@mightymerchant.com

Thanks so much!

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