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Cycle Chart

Download a Free Menstrual Cycle Chart

Each woman's cycle is unique whether we currently have a menstrual cycle or not. Our body chemistry changes at various times throughout the month. Energy and moods can be up or down depending on so many factors affecting the body mind and spirit. Some of the reasons for keeping track are: determining fertile times, tracking moods, drives, cravings, and general well-being as they correspond to our monthly cycles. It can be empowering to observe how daily choices and activities affect how we feel. 

The goal of this chart is to begin to recognize natural body rhythms. Once patterns begin to emerge, you can use the information to help make healthy choices about what your body needs rather than ignoring or covering up signals which can lead to poor health. With greater understanding, you have a better chance of knowing what kind of energy you'll have in different phases of your cycle or at a particular time of year.


For Women who have a Menstrual cycle:

 Day one in the grid section is for the first day of menstruation. Put the date of the day you start bleeding in the first square. Indicate in the "Menses Flow" boxes which days you are actually bleeding (colored pens are fun but not necessary). If you know when you are ovulating mark those days in the squares in the "Ovulation" row. The blank lines under "Ovulation" are for anything you want to track. For instance, if you are using the basal body temperature method for birth control or conception put your daily morning temp in that row. 

The upper part of the grid, above the "Day of Cycle" row, is a vertical 0-10 graph for charting daily energy/mood levels. You can use the graph for anything you want to chart: mood levels body experiences or symptoms, mental clarity, consciousness... any energies that ebb and flow. 0) lowest 5) average 10)highest.

The "Days" below the grid, separated by horizontal lines are for notes. If you keep a regular journal you can refer to those pages for more details of what's going on.

For Women without a Menstrual Cycle:

Day 1 can be the beginning of a calendar month or the New Moon. Be creative.

For All:

Other line items (choices) might be sexual activity, exercise, diet, medications, sleep, moon phases... anything you want to keep track of. When you start your next period start a new page.

This chart is designed to fit inside a daytimer calendar, bullet journal, or small journal by either cutting it or folding it in half and using a hole puncher. Feel free to copy as many of these as you need for your own personal use.