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Vintage Crone

Vintage Crone

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This art carries the unbroken thread of the “Language of the Goddess”. A language of the sacred feminine that is still embedded in many cultures, and that, regardless of gender, we know deep in our bones.

These goddess figurines speak that language.

This is one of our original crones, circa 1986. She brings forth the Universe from her lap. 

All the vintage goddesses are made from the same-sized ball of clay but take on different shapes. The Crone is shorter and rounder.

Enclosed Card:


The Crone is the life-death-life aspect of the goddess. She holds and balances earth energy. Her body is a throne, and in her lap lies the mystery of all cycles: life, death, and regeneration. She remembers, and through her memories, she knows. Listen to the stories of your own experience. Out of darkness comes light.

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