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Vintage Goddess
Earth Moon

Vintage Goddess
Earth Moon

Price: $100.00


I love holding this one. Something about her weight and warmth in my hand after she's been sitting in the sun. Her dark tones are difficult to capture in a photo. 

This art carries an ancient thread of the “Language of the Goddess”. The language of the sacred cyclic feminine that we know deep in our bones. These threads still exist, embedded in cultural stories, folklore, and art around the world.

Palm-sized, 2" tall. .5" thick. High-fired Pacific Northwest clay. Made in the 1980s. Comes with the message below, plus the original card in the second image on the left.

This image is a one-of-a-kind handmade Debbie Berrow original sculpture and cannot be replicated. if it says "Out of Stock" it means it has been sold. To see our current version of the menstrual vessels go to Moontime Goddess

Enclosed Card:

Vintage Menstrual Vessel

Through these images, may we remember and reconnect to something ancient. A world where we are attuned to our bodies natural rhythms and cycles and are in harmony with each other and the earth.

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