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Dark Brown Bear Mother

Dark Brown Bear Mother

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This is one of the first Bear Mothers I made. I can tell by the tools used and the way she was fired. She recently went through a higher temperature fire giving her a rich brown tone. She has one toe missing on her right hind leg as you can see in this picture.

2" tall, cubs not included. To add cubs go to "extra cubs". An excerpt on the message card included with this sculpture is from Judith Shaw from her article about Artio, the Bear Goddess.

Enclosed Card:

Bear Goddess

In Northern Europe, the bear was associated with transformation and shape-shifting. The female bear conceives in the fall, going into hibernation pregnant. She journeys in the darkness and emerges in the spring, symbolizing rebirth, with new wisdom and insights to share with the world.

When the Bear Goddess calls your name you know that you are protected the universe provides what you need. Take time for introspection. Feel yourself transform as you gain a fuller understanding of the power and abundance of the natural world. Stay calm and feel the power of the Divine Feminine and the unending love she provides.

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