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Vintage Crone
Heart Compass

Vintage Crone
Heart Compass

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This art carries an ancient thread of the “Language of the Goddess”. The language of the sacred feminine that we know deep in our bones. These threads still exist, embedded in cultural stories, folklore, and art around the world.

This small, palm-sized figurine is one of the last remaining Crones we made in the 1980s, and is a symbol of the life-death-life cycles of nature that women embody. Hands and spiral impressions symbolize healing energy that channels through the hands. 

All the vintage goddesses are made from the same-sized ball of clay but take on different shapes. The Crone is shorter and rounder. Made from Pacific Northwest clay and stained with natural pigments. Approximately 1.5 inches tall.

Enclosed Card:


Heart Compass

The Crone is the death aspect of the goddess, the Earth. Her body is a throne, and in her lap is the mystery of the cycle of life, death and regeneration. She navigates by heart. Following what feels right and in alignment with desire. The body knows. Out of darkness comes light.

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