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Vintage Mother Goddess
Ocean Spiral

Vintage Mother Goddess
Ocean Spiral

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This one was so at home near the ocean. She has sea creatures for earrings and holds the symbol of a giant spiral gyre.

Hand-made in the 80s from Pacific Northwest clay. Salts and minerals rose to the surface of her face and shoulders during a high-temperature fire reminiscient of the ancient use of natural pigment for ceremonial face painting all over the world.

You can add a baby to fit inside the cosmic void at her center. Personally, I like the spacious emptiness. To see the back select the other thumbnail photo.

Palm-sized, about 2" or 5+ cm tall. Free domestic shipping. This image is a one-of-a-kind original sculpture and cannot be replicated. If it says "Out of Stock" it means it has been sold. Go to Mother Goddess, to see our current version.

Enclosed Card:


Turn inward toward stillness and listen. Creativity waits for your light. State your intention, trust and be patient. The journey is always longer than you think!

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