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Wild Bear Mother without cub 'seconds'

Wild Bear Mother without cub 'seconds'

Price: $11.00

SKU: seconds_wbm

Enclosed Card:


Irregularity: May have hairline crack or chip, or varying color tone from our regular line.

This page and the box below the text is for ordering Wild Bear Mother 'seconds' without cubs for $11. See link below if you want to ad one or more baby bear cubs to your order and it will take you to the 'extra bear cubs' page. This Bear comes with 'Wild Bear Mother' card: "Bear guards children at night and guides their dreams. She is the intuitive heart listening to the darkness, and is every mother's deep instinctive knowledge." Or, make up your own story!!

Click here to order one or more baby bears and we will make them for you. Production on new sculptures can take up 6 weeks depending on the time of year. If you need them sooner pleas

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