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Bowls (tiny set of two)
for the Womb Blessing

Bowls (tiny set of two)
for the Womb Blessing

Price: $20.00

SKU: bp0060set

Set of two tiny Blessing Bowls (1.5" - 4.0cm) are offered specifically with participants of the Free World Wide Womb Blessing in mind. The ceremony suggests one bowl for water and one for a candle. Instructions are emailed to you when you register.  I recommend a tea-light candle to protect the bowl and its detail from melted wax. Price includes two bowls. Please be aware these bowls fit in the palm of your hand. I see them being used when you are on the go, or have very little space.

Enclosed Card:


This bowl will 'drink' the water inside if left to sit for several hours. When placed on the earth, it will wick moisture from the ground or weather absorbing essences from rain, stones and plants. Each design is unique and based on the four directions. Make sure to us a moisture barrier between water-stainable surfaces and the bowl.

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