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Mothe Bear Review

"Magic comes from what is inside you. It is part of you. You can't weave together a spell you don't believe in"  ~Jim Butcher

I won! 

After entering a competition a while back

To win a Mother Bear sculpture by Bell Pine Art Farm

At a time when my own lovingly nicknamed wolfhound "Bear" was poorly

Today I won!

On the morning I prepare to see Nahko (bear) in concert!

I won!

My beloved dog's health improving

From trusting my instinct, our connection, demanding a second opinion beyond the obvious

I won

A focal point of bear medicine upon my altar for daily ceremony

I won

The trust of following my inspirations to see an artist I have put off on three occasions!

I "one!"

A deeper connection

With myself

The Universe

Beyond synchronicity

To an underlying universal flow



By actually asking AND recieving!

This morning I can feel it all

Not just the pain of loss, determination, hope but the love

The release



Given over and through me to an energy far greater than myself

Pure essence


Directing me

I feel home in this skin

Grounded in my own willing submission

Shuffling the Tarot

Deciding to work with the Vision Quest deck

Aware of the connection in my heart

My Soul

To this energy

Yet also blocks in my ego

From fear of being cliche

Culturally inappropriate somehow

I randomly selected from behind the Three of Air, doubt

Tuning into the unknown image in my hands


No longer seeking


I heard "you don't have to fight or earn this, it's who you are"

Placing the card on my womb space as guided

My eyes filling with light


Tears filling them with compassion and beauty

Seeing my surroundings from this mothering, nurturing, creative space

I felt so many that had forgotten thier unique roles in the stories to be weaved

Based on perceptions

Lost to the magic of themselves

To thier own link to Pachamama

Me included

The card was integration or Temperance

Today open your own heart to the Great mother

Beyond your mind

Breath in that which you, she, are physically hoping to manifest

Unite with her Spirit

Form your own medicine wheel within you

Allow the changes needed to occur

In your own view of who you really are

May we all create such stories of beauty from the freedom of our innate skills

As we connect to the "won" in us all

In deepest munay (love)

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