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Review: Family heirloom lost

In the early 90's my dad found one of these in the parking lot of a small marsh in Ohio. It was a mystery item that he kept on his desk for like 25 years. After a move it was lost. I was pretty heartbroken and talking about it with my siblings we all loved it. A group on Facebook had a post for another figure "fatherhood" that hit me like a ton if bricks because the style and color was so similar. I started searching through the comments until I found a link to this site. I saw my dad today and showed him the photo and he kinda teared up. He also misses it. It would say to the right person and right family these things can be very special. Now I know where to find them I will probably have everyone in the family a special Christmas gift. I am excited and might explore the other styles to personalize the gifts more. I cannot explain the joy it has brought me to see this face again.

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