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Moon Mother Statue

Moon Mother Statue

Moon Mothers®! Please ask for discount code.
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This special sacred sculpture is handmade from Pacific Northwest clay. She is a companion piece to Miranda Gray's, Womb Blessing Workshops and Free World Wide Womb Blessing. It is different from our Open Heart sculpture because it has a hole in the bottom with a red cloth.  Miranda and the Moon Mothers® have been offering free womb-energy attunements to women around the world since February 2012.

‘Moon Mother’ is a sacred symbol of our direct relationship to the Creative force of Nature. As we bring this awareness to our daily lives, we flow with, rather than against, the ebbs and tides of precious Divine Feminine energy. 

This sculpture is a vessel with a cloth in the bottom for absorbing sacred fluids such as water from ceremony, sacred places, sacred sexual practices, menstrual blood, essential oils, or for holding small stones, crystals or earth. It is really up to you.

Bell Pine Art Farm sculptures are handmade by loving hands as reminders that healing and balance begin within. We provide meaningful art as tools for ceremony and gift giving. Practitioners of every faith apply this circle of sculpture in the healing and sacred arts. It has found its way onto personal altars, medicine circles, hospital programs, churches, sacred sites, and meditation retreats and is collected by people all over the world.

approx. 3" tall, comes with a message card.


Enclosed Card:


Creation, death and regeneration are all contained in our body's monthly cycle. Flowing with the ebbs and tides of the Divine Feminine brings balance and clarity to daily rhythms. The red cloth at the bottom is to collect a drop of menstrual blood; perhaps the most sacred substance of the planet said to give off pure white light. Seal with candle wax and keep her in a special place to remember you are the Goddess!

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