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Moon Phase Bowl (large)


Moon Phase Bowl (large)

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Moon Phase Bowls are handmade from Pacific Northwest clay and finished with natural pigments by Debbie Berrow. Designs inside the bowl will contain four phases of the moon. They are all unique and will vary from the picture. Approximately 4" across, they can be used as essential oil diffusers. Go to Moon Phase Bowls (tiny) for a 2.5 version.

Enclosed Card:

Moon Phase Bowl

This living bowl will 'drink' the water inside if left to sit for several hours. When placed outside, it will wick moisture from the weather breathing and absorbing essences from rain, stones, and plants.

Each design is unique and based on four moon phases: New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon, Third Quarter.

Be sure to use a moisture barrier between water-stainable surfaces and the bowl.

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