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Grandmother Turtle

Grandmother Turtle

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Grandmother Turtle teaches when to be open and exposed, and when to shield our soft spots. Knowing this distinction, especially in such challenging times, is vital to our wellbeing. Knowing when to retreat is never a weakness. It is wisdom.

The front and back of Grandmother Turtle are shown here in two separate images.

Grandmother is nestled inside a turtle shell, holding another turtle. When laid forward, the back becomes a bowl. There are thirteen sections on a turtle's back. Many cultures recognize these as a Divine Feminine symbol of the thirteen moons in our calendar year. This sculpture has twelve raised sections, with the round "bowl" section representing the thirteenth "full" moon.

A small hole in the bottom holds a wicking cloth for collecting drops of sacred water. A beautiful way to carry the water essence from any sacred site or ceremony. Leave the cloth in place. As the water wicks into her body, she holds the living vibration and magnetism of each place and experience. The wick is not pictured here. Approximately 4" tall.

Enclosed Card:


Turtle is sacred and central to the creation stories of many cultures around the world. She is a powerful symbol for the endurance and longevity of Mother Earth offering shelter and protection for all beings. Grandmother teaches no matter where we are, or what is happening we are always home.

When laid forward the shell on her back becomes a small bowl with thirteen sections representing the Divine Feminine 13 moons in our calendar year surrounded by 28 sections for the days in a moon cycle. The bowl is suitable for essential oils, sacred-water, and elixirs of all kinds and will absorb fluid if left to sit for several hours.

The hole in the bottom holds a cloth for collecting drops of sacred-water or fluid from any source. A beautiful way to carry the essence from any holy site or ceremony. As moisture wicks into her body, she holds the living vibration and magnetism of each place and experience.

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Love Grandmother Turtle

Her energy is strong, she feels powerful in my hand. Beautiful artwork. I love Grandmother Turtle! Thank you for creating her. She's a powerful, magnificent being.

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