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Radiant Health (wall hanging)

Radiant Health (wall hanging)

Price: $38.00

SKU: bp3333

This sculpture is a reminder that our Inner Being is always Well no matter what condition our physical body is in. We have the choice at any moment to focus on Wellness or dis-ease. Choosing Wellness aligns us with the vibration of health, creating balance and supporting all physical and emotional systems.

The small bowl at her feet is for offerings of essential oils, stones, or prayers and invites interaction. 5" tall, available in two different styles; standing or as a wall-hanging.

Note to wholesalers: There is a limit of three pieces available for this piece because of the time it takes to create. Please contact me to discuss larger quantities.

Enclosed Card:


Wellness emanates from the inside out. Turn inward and feel your Divine Spark. The radiant light of perfect health shines through every cell of your body. BE WELL.

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