COVID-19 update: As a home business we are still up and running, ready and able to make and send out sculptures. There are just two of us (Reed and Debbie) working in the studio. We have "sheltered in place" on our 30-acre rural property since March 13, mega distancing with limited drop and go trips to the post office. Health and safety for everyone is our top priority. We make all of our pieces as they are ordered so they go right from the kiln, where pieces have been fired to over 1000°f, into our shipping area to be boxed up. As an extra precaution, we have enhanced cleaning measures in place. This means more frequent cleaning of our work areas and hard surfaces, in order to keep the items inside your box as safe as can be. 

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Birthing Goddess

Birthing Goddess

Price: $29.00

SKU: bp0003

Our Birthing Goddess is about beginnings. Childbirth, birthing ourselves, or moving forward into something new. Great gift for midwives, doulas, and ourselves and others, for giving a nudge to whatever we want to create. Baby removable. 2.25" wide.

Bell Pine Art Farm provides meaningful art as tools for ceremony and gift giving. Each piece is individually and lovingly handmade from Pacific Northwest clay at our home studio in Oregon and comes with its own inspirational message. Browse our categories for over 30 more images.

Enclosed Card:

"Turn inward toward stillness and listen. Creativity waits for your light. State your intention, trust and be patient. The journey is always longer than you think!"

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