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Ocean's Gift

Ocean's Gift

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SKU: bp0025

Clay impressions for this sculpture were taken from barnacles and shells living on a fourteen-million-year-old lava flow at Yaquina Head near Newport, Oregon. Native coastal nomadic tribes, who camped in this area, had women shamans who derived power from guardian spirits in the environment around them. Shamans bring back messages from the spirit world to their people for healing. 3" across. Mermaid removable.

The cloth inside the hole in the bottom of the tidepool is for collecting drops of sacred water. A beautiful way to carry the water essence from any sacred site or ceremony. Leave the cloth in place. As the water wicks into the clay-body it holds the living vibration and magnatism of each place and experience.

Enclosed Card:


This mermaid dives to the depths of the voiceless unconscious, listening to ancient upwellings in the dark life-rich water. Returning to the land she exhales wisdom, bringing news of a gift to her people: Earth's oceans belong to us for safekeeping. Water is the source of all life.

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