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A small hole in the bottom of Riverkeeper holds a cloth for collecting drops of sacred water. A beautiful way to carry the water essence from any sacred site or ceremony. Leave the cloth in place. As the water wicks into her body she holds the living vibration and magnetism of each place and experience. 3" tall, comes with small messages including the words below, along with a blessing from Grandmother Agnes Baker Pilgrim of the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers and instructions for collecting sacred water. Partial proceeds from the sale of this sculpture are donated to Grandmother Aggie.


Enclosed Card:

"The water can hear you, bring your voice! Pour your heart into the river. Say "Thank you, I love you, I promise to care for you... 

With purest intention, may all water be BLESSED, restoring it to life sustaining balance. You are the river!"

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