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Moon Mother®
Level 1 Workshop, in English

Moon Mother®
Level 1 Workshop, in English

Price: $390.00

Learn to give this gentle but deeply powerful attunement, originated by Miranda Gray of the World Wide Womb Blessing, to reawaken your connection to the Divine Feminine. A powerful way to begin offering your natural healing gifts, or augment the work you already do.


July 31 - August 1, 2021, On Zoom, Live in English, 8 hours each day, 8am - 5pm PST, All Countries Welcome!!

This 2-day intensive course, guided and taught by authorized Moon Mother® Teacher Vanessa Castro, and co-hosted by (me) artist Debbie Berrow, qualifies you to offer in-person and distance womb-centered attunements and healing.

Your Teacher:

Native to Costa Rica, Vanessa Castro has done extensive training with Miranda Gray (the originator of the World Wide Womb Blessing®) and is qualified to offer  Moon Mother® trainings. She teaches workshops by invitation around the world in English and Spanish, or in other languages with translation. I am so honored to work with Vanessa, who brings her unique gifts and presence to this sacred path.

The Training:

The first day of this course activates you as a channel to hold and transmit the energies of the Divine Feminine used specifically by Moon Mothers in the World Wide Womb Blessing®.

With your Moon Mother® certification, you will be qualified to offer personal Womb Blessings and Womb Centered Healing as therapies.

-Learn to connect with your womb energy center.

-Learn your female energy system and its main three centers.

-Replenish your depleted archetypal energy centers to feel balance.

-Nourish yourself during pre-menstrual, menstrual, perimenopausal, and post-menopausal phases.

-Learn the benefits of staying connected to the synchronized rhythms of moon/body/earth while transitioning through peri-menopause, menopause, and post-menopausal phases by working with the Womb Blessing Energy.

-Connect your own cycle to the Earth and the Moon.

-Nurture your personal and spiritual growth.

-Learn the energy work behind the Womb Blessing® Meditation.

-Awaken dormant aspects of your femininity.

-Learn an energetic birthing process.

-Learn about the background of the Worldwide Womb Blessing® and how it works.

-Learn how to send energy during the Worldwide Womb Blessing® as a Moon Mother® along with Miranda Gray and over 6500 Moon Mothers.

-Bring healing to the world in the monthly Moon Mother® Full Moon practice.

-Send the Moon Mother Level 1 symbol for healing.

Your Certification Qualifies you to Offer:

- The Womb Blessing Attunement to women in person.

- The Womb Healing - Female Energy Balancing (in person and at distance)

-The Cauldron Energizer - To quickly share Divine Feminine energy in big groups

- Support during the rebirth process.

- Use of the Moon Mother Level 1 symbol for healing.

Ongoing Support and Materials You’ll Receive:

- A comprehensive Moon Mother® Level1 manual in your preferred language + access to 3 additional manuals

- An international certificate as a Moon Mother® authorized by Miranda Gray.

- Your details included on the online list of authorized Moon Mothers® where potential clients can find and contact you.

-Access to “Moon Mothers® only” resources and information.

-As a Moon Mother® you will become part of a worldwide community of Moon Mothers who gather in person, online, and through distance healing during the Full Moon and World Wide Womb blessings.

- The Moon Mother® logo for your use in promotional materials.

- An email once a week, during your post-course integration period, from your teacher to accompany you during the rebirth time.

Participation Details:

This training is online over ZOOM and will be held from approximately 9 am to 5 pm PST, USA. Information with links and exact times will be sent out the week prior to the workshop. Be sure to have the Zoom Application installed and running on your computer or laptop. NOT ON YOUR CELL PHONE. Familiarize yourself with Zoom and make sure your computer camera (video and audio) are working a few days prior to the workshop. (The camera must always be on during the training).

Requirements and important considerations:

This is a sacred gathering and professional training, so please be prepared to give your full attention to the class for the two days. The space you create for the training should be quiet and private with no distractions for people, children, or animals. This time is for YOU. Please be sure and arrange for childcare in advance.

*You must be 18 years old or older to take part in this workshop. Otherwise, there are no requirements, just a heart’s call to walk this path.

*All women, with or without a cycle or a womb, may attend the workshop.

*Pregnant Women: Not recommended for women over 4 months of pregnancy.

*Nursing Moms: If you have questions regarding breaks for breastfeeding or other caretaking obligations please contact Debbie.

Cost & Payment Methods

EARLY PAYMENT: $390 USD until June 15, 2021, this includes electronic payment fees.

REGULAR PAYMENT: $490 USD from June 16 - July 31, 2021

Cancellation Policy

In the case of cancellation by the student, no payment will be reimbursed. You can give your place to another woman to attend the workshop.

If the course is canceled by the organizer, we will try to find you on another course. If this is not possible, your payment will be refunded.

To Book:

Make your payment.

Fill the registration form sent by Debbie to you by email.

Sign and send the permissions, sent with the registration form.

One week before the date of the course you will receive an email with instructions for the workshop days with what to have and how to prepare.

Questions: Contact Debbie with MML1 in the subject line.

Save $100 by registering early. The price will increase to $490 after June 15th!

Enclosed Card:

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