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Vintage Goddess

Vintage Goddess

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Vintage Goddesses are unique individual pieces not offered in our regular line. This goddess is a pocket-stone-sized, vintage (1988)  'Moontime' sculpture.  This is one of a kind and cannot be reproduced because we no longer use this firing method. If items says 'out of stock' it means someone else has already ordered.

This sculpture can ship right away and will take 2-3 days to arrive within the U.S. once it is shipped. Disregard other messages about delivery times when ordering this piece.

One-and-three-quarter inches tall. Handmade in Oregon from pacific northwest clay.

Enclosed Card:

"A Sacred symbol of regeneration and birth, containing the Creative force of Nature. When we become aware of our cycles, we can be in sync with rather than resist, the ebbs and tides of the Divine Feminine in our daily lives. The Moontime Goddess is a vessel with a tiny red or white cloth for collecting a small drop of water or moon blood. Keep her as a reminder of the presence of the Sacred Feminine for balance."

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