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Moontime Goddess

Moontime Goddess

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Our Moontime Goddess is an empowering reminder for women to be in touch with our cycles and the moon. The red cloth is for a drop of menstrual blood and sealed with candle wax, or can be used by post menopausal women, women who no longer have a womb and transgender women for collecting drops of sacred water that has been infused with moonlight. Leave the cloth in place. As the water wicks into her body she carries the living vibration and magnetism of each place and experience. A beautiful way to hold your energy, or the water essence from any sacred site, ceremony, or daily practice. 2" tall

All Bell Pine Art Farm sculptures are individually handmade with sacred intension. Designs vary on each piece.

Enclosed Card:

Moon Goddess

The Moontime goddess figurine is a symbol of our direct relationship with the creative force of nature. She supports tracking your body's cycles and natural rhythms in sync with the Divine Feminine. the red cloth is for collecting menstrual blood, a sacred substance said to emit pure white light, holding the life-death-life aspects of the goddess.

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