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Moon Mother
Level 1 Workshop


Moon Mother
Level 1 Workshop

Price: Price Varies

Are you sensing the urgent need for the world to recognize and value the Divine Feminine, restoring it to balance? 

Answer the call to help bring this through.

Join Artist Debbie Berrow and certified Moon Mother training facilitator Vanessa Castro for a 2-day Moon Mother Level 1 practitioner training, Saturday, July 31 - Sunday, August 31, 2021


A Moon Mother is a woman who has been called in her heart to help women to awaken their authentic femininity and to heal the hurt and patterns created by modern life so that all women can live as the empowered, sensual, sexual, creative, and spiritual beings that lie within them.

The Moon Mother workshop results in a practitioner qualification that can be added to other therapy and healing qualifications. Moon Mothers are taught the techniques to support women with Personal Womb Blessings and Womb Healings, either on their own or alongside other healing therapies. Women who complete the two-day workshop run by Miranda or one of her trained teachers are certificated and included on the worldwide database of authorized Moon Mothers.

For more information, questions, or to book this workshop

> Contact Debbie with MML1 in the subject line. 

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