Drumming Men "seconds"

Drumming Men "seconds"

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Enclosed Card:

From our Seconds Basket: Our studio "seconds" are not necessarily faulty or even of lessened quality, but rather a sculpture with a minor problem (typically a tiny chip, hairline crack or varying color) that prevent it from passing the quality checks in our inspection process. Even our "seconds" meet a quality standard. We don't ship pieces with major problems that look broken or damaged, and we try to explain each irregularity. This one is more whimsical and wild than the others!

Drumming follows our heartbeat and echoes the pulse of the Earth. From drums we learn about deep movement and connection. Listen to rhythms inside and out. May you always know what moves you.

2" tall. Comes with above description. People who love to drum will resonate with this special earthy art piece. Check our catalog for other drumming styles.

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