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Bone China Designs: Inspired Wearable Art

Our daughter, Faith, had an early attraction to bones. Inspired by the Arctic folktale "Skeleton Woman", and Georgia O’Keefe’s paintings of animal skulls, she found beauty in bones collected from around our forest home. The way they absorb the warmth of light, their shadows and soft curves, all show up in her Bone China Designs line of wearable art: bird-skull pendants, earrings, bolo-ties, bracelets, and more. She travels and ships her work internationally, and accepts custom orders for any handmade-from-clay animal skull upon request. High-fired porcelain with gold-leaf, from $11-$100   Purchase on Etsy. Follow on Instagram and Facebook.

Faith's work is available for purchase on Esty where you will find all her contact information. Bell Pine Art Farm offers do not apply.