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Large Blessing Bowl

Large Blessing Bowl

Price: $40.00

SKU: bp0049

Blessing Bowls (the largest bowls in the picture) are handmade pinch-pots by Debbie Berrow. Approximately four inches across. Made from Pacific Northwest clay and finished with natural stain. These bowls will 'drink' the water inside them if left to sit for several hours. If they are placed on the earth, they will wick moisture from the ground. Water absorbs into the clay to collet the essence from fluid, stones or plants inside or outside the bowl. I love using these for ceremony and energy work. They are also excellent essential oil diffusers, and perfect for using in Sand Tray. Designs inside the bowl are each unique and will vary from the picture. Make sure to place a moisture barrier underneath to protect stainable surfaces. Go to Tiny Blessing Bowls for one-and-a-half inch bowls. (Tiny bowls are $10. each)

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